Corporate Training

Corporate Training and development ensures the availability of skilled and willing workforce to an organization. In addition to helping the employees in achieving their personal goals, it also enhances the individual contribution to an organization serving it to meet its primary objective.

MFS Cloud Accounting Solution specializes in assessing training needs, designing, developing, delivering, administering and even evaluating corporate training solutions.

We provide training in the areas:

  • Employees Motivation and Leadership
  • Time Management and Team work
  • Sustainability Development and CSR
  • Accounting Software’s Training

Enjoying Achievements (Skills Area: Motivation)

The professional life in the present socio-economic scenario is complex and challenging. The routine life and deadlines create a tunnel vision among the employees and lead to lack luster approach towards work. The situation hampers not only an individual’s performance but also adversely affect the Organizational performance. The only solution to such deadlocks is the feeling motivation. The training module focusses on inculcating motivation among the employees. The sessions will be comprised of Lectures, Cases studies and hands on exercises to motivate the individual and lead an individual to the stage of self-motivation not only in the professional domain but also in the social life.

Lead to be the Leader (Skills Area: Leadership)

The success and failure of any organization completely depend upon the Leadership of at different levels of the Organization. The concept that “Leaders are born” is negated with so many success stories as a proof. It is a proven fact that an individual is blessed with strengths and unique qualities. The training module focus on training an individual to explore his or her core strengths and use them to excel among the team in order to become a role model for others and eventually achieving a Leader position.

Do you Love your Kids? (Skills Area: Sustainable Development)

The training is an awareness generation about the issues and challenges emerging out of industrialization and consumerism. It focusses on the measures which can be adopted by the Organization and the individuals to mitigate the threats of geographic environment degradations and adopt practices to facilitate Sustainable Development.

Flock Together (Skills Area: Team Work)

The training module focusses on team building exercises and inculcating the skills of being a team player to deliver synergistic results.

Tomorrow never Comes (Skills Area: Time Management)

The training module consist of hands on exercises and lectures for managing time at work place as well in the personal life.

Your Purpose of Existence (Skills Area: Corporate Social Responsibility)

The training module explores the concept of Corporate Social responsibility and areas where the organization can conduct activities to contribute towards society.

Accounting Software Training:

Want to learn more about how to use your accounting software?

MFS Cloud Accounting Solution, offer Zohobooks, Tally, Xero, QuickBooks & Peachtree accounting software consulting and training. Also, happy to assist you or your team with a new accounting setup and/or a review of existing procedures. Our software training services are sure to further your business’ accounting knowledge and confidence.


An experienced Business Management faculty, with more than 15 years of professional experience, Dr. Meraj holds a Ph.D. degree in Strategic Management. The professional competencies of Dr. Meraj is a blend of Academics, Corporate Training and Consultancy. He has been delivering Trainings on a wide range of topics however his well acclaimed areas of trainings are Effective Teaching, Leadership Excellence, and Motivation while his core expertise is in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development..

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